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Being Safe on Social Media

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I am bothered by something. Businesses spend billions learning how to build up their social media profile, their social media reputation, and then protect it. It is currency. But how about you? Did you know that YOUR blog, Facebook page, Twitter account (visible to ALL), Vine, Pinterest (etc) can make or break you?

I know something about social media for my business. It has done amazing things for my personal life, social accounts and reputation as well. The trick is, I also know how to protect myself, when to say something, when NOT to say something, how to protect my information.

I’d like to start helping others with what I know. Not to help you build a business.  But to be a Wizard of your own personal social media interactions. To be Smart, Social and Successful.

First rule: CHECK YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS!!!!! Get them to where YOU are controlling the information you are putting out there.

Rule of thumb: If you were on the Ellen show, and she randomly picked you out to show everyone your FB page, would you be mortified? Would you be fired? Would you be comfortably laughing? Would you be proud?

Be honest because this is YOUR life you are publishing for the world to see.

Here is where the links may be found for the most popular sites.

Facebook Privacy Settings Tutorial

Twitter Privacy Help Center

Pinterest Privacy Blog Post and Another Pinterest Privacy Blog Post

CNET: How to make Vine Private Vine Privacy Settings

Instagram Security Settings and Instagram Privacy Policy

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